Articles of Incorporation

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Business Licence

The Liyu Microfinance Institution (LMFI) S.C. was established as micro financing institution. It was legally registered on November 25, 1997 as per Proclamation No 40/96 issued by the Ethiopian Government to regulate the activities of Micro Finance Institutions in Ethiopia and started operation in the second half 1998.


Liyu Microfinance Institution S.C (LMFI), formerly known as Specialized Financial and Promotional Institution (SFPI) began operations in June 1998, after receiving a business license from the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) in November 1997. According to Ethiopian legislation, LMFI was established as a share company and licensed to deliver microfinance services all over the nation.


The Institution was founded by five shareholders with paid-up capital of ETB 200,000 and subscribed capitals ETB 800,000 to provide both financial and non-financial services in an effort to combat poverty. Currently, the number of shareholders progressively increased to 11 while the share capital of the company reached 75 million, and the legal reserve now stands at 5.6 million.


LMFI began operating in Addis Ababa with 4 fully functional branches and gradually expanded its financial services over 3 regions namely Oromia, Amhara, and Central Ethiopia National Regional States, as well as one city administration, Addis Ababa. LMFI managed to reach 30 branch offices and 14 sub branch offices out of which 10 branch offices are operating in Addis Ababa city administration while 15, 3 and 2 are operating in Oromia, Amhara and Central Ethiopia Regional states, respectively. In terms of sub branches, 11 are in the Amhara national regional states, and the remaining 3 is in Oromia region.


Bringing over 26 years of expertise in the microfinance sector, LMFI continues to provide tailored credit to its target market, including Women Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), smallholders, and other individuals engaged in income generating activities . The institution accepts deposits from the public and while also offering micro insurance services in accordance with National Bank of Ethiopia directives for group guarantee loans.

Core Values

·       Equal treatment of all persons: we respect the rights of all individuals and are not constrained by any biases.

·       Teamwork: we strongly believe that we can only achieve our mutual goals as a team.

·       Integrity: we are honest to our clients.

·       Tolerance: there is no tolerance for fraud, late payments and poor performance.


·        Training: belief in the importance of client training in order to maximize their entrepreneurial potential. 

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