Saving Products

Voluntary saving products
• Ordinary Saving
• Time Deposit
• Tesfa Child Saving
• Box Saving
• Institutional Saving
• Housing Fund Saving
compulsory Saving
• Pre Loan Saving
• After Loan Saving

Loan Products

• Individual Loan
• Group Loan
• Housing loan
• Clean Energy loan (CET Loan)
• Small and Medium enterprise Loan (SME loan)
• Micro and Small Enterprises Loan (MSE loan)
• Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Loan (WASH loan)
• Women Entrepreneurship Development Program (WEDP loan)

Credit Life Insurance Services

This is financial product designed for non -collateral backed loans.
According to this product
LMFI will offset outstanding balance of the loan except arrears if death of barrower/ policy holder occur.

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